Tree-shakers and toilet paper

PALATKA, Fla . -- Best lines overheard on Day One of the St. Johns River Showdown.

“I got a few bites in practice but nothing like this.”

--Elite Series rookie Kevin Ledoux, after weighing 18 pounds, 9 ounces, good enough for 10th place.

“I’m going to tear today’s game plan up and turn it into toilet paper or something.”

--Denny Brauer

“I’m madder than a midget in a high-jump contest.”

--Gerald Swindle after weighing 11 pounds, 11 ounces on Day One.

“I spent all day chasing my tail.”

--Cliff Pace

“Don’t know if I can do that again tomorrow, but we gonna sure try.”

--Cliff Crochet after weighing 21 pounds, 5 ounces on Day One.

“If it’s not a 3-pounder, I don’t stop on it.”

--Alton Jones

“At home we call this kind a tree-shaker.”

--Greg Hackney as he pulled a 10 pound, 9 ounce bass from his weigh-in bag.

“I borrowed some 70-pound braid and broke off two fish the last hour.”

--Steve Kennedy

“I’m hoping not to do terrible here; bed fishing’s not my cup of tea.”

--Rick Clunn

“In Florida, fishing can change in five minutes.”

--Michael Iaconelli

“Hopefully, it’s going to get tough. I like it tough.”

--Terry Scroggins

“It was great to be fishing again.”

--Jeremy Starks, Scott Depot, W.Va., returning after a season out for medical reasons.

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