Toledo Bend: Day 2 quotes

MANY, La. -- The top lines spoken from the pros during the Day 2 weigh-in of the Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite at Toledo Bend.

“I found one of those ‘bigguns’ and got sucked into fishing for it for about an hour and a half.”

– Greg Vinson

“Swindle said he’s gonna have a yard sale … I’m having a bon fire.”

– David Walker discussing the frustration of a slow day on the water.

“I’ve never been here before, but this place just fits my style."

– Randall Tharp after weighing in 24 pounds, 13 ounces on Day 2

“I found 30 or 40 fish on beds today…three to four pounders. I feel like I can catch at least 18 pounds tomorrow without a big one.”

– Tournament leader Jacob Powroznik

“It’s not surprising to get beat by these guys. I’m just surprised that the fish beat me so bad.”

– Ott Defoe

“Throw a Super Spook, fish new water and drink a lot of Mountain Dew.”

– Gerald Swindle discussing his much better day on Day 2

“This is a terrible birthday present … finishing 90th in a tournament.”

– Justin Lucas

“Nobody sent me the memo that fish were bedding on the other end of the lake.”

– Tommy Biffle

“I’m fishing a dangerous pattern to be honest about it.”

– Chad Morganthaler on his chances of weighing in another heavy bag of fish on Day 3

“Everything I found in practice was good for nothing.”

– Britt Myers

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