Team Benton: Party of 4

The weather has been doing nothing but complicating the first Elite event of the year in Palatka, Florida. For the second day in a row, the 2020 AFTCO Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River has been postponed due to a high-wind advisory. Again, B.A.S.S. officials made the right call keeping angler safety at the forefront.

And while the windy conditions are making life tough for the Elite anglers, it seemed like a gift from God for Georgia pro Drew Benton.

He made an emergency trip home during the first postponement on Thursday to be with his wife Amanda as she was in labor with the couple’s second child. She was originally due on February 28th, which would have worked well with Benton’s tournament schedule. That date would have been right in between the second Elite at Chickamauga Lake and the Classic on Lake Guntersville. Almost like they planned it.

But you know what they say about best laid plans.

“We’re from Panama City, Florida, and we recently bought a farm in Georgia,” Benton said. “But our health insurance is still Florida based, and that means we had to have our baby in Florida. It wasn’t a big deal, it’s only a short drive to the hospital we decided to use, and it was comfortable and familiar for us since that’s where we had our first son.”

If you’ll refer to the first story about Benton’s decision to get home to his wife, you’ll recall that Amanda had to be induced a couple of weeks early due to medical reasons. Drew was all set to fish the Bassmaster Elite Series opener at St. Johns River, and he probably would have. Instead, the weather that inconvenienced everyone else, almost seemed planned from a higher power to allow for him to be present when his family needed him.

“I wanted and needed to be with Amanda as she brought Colt into the world,” he said. “It was an easy decision to make. And the weather delay helped me feel better about being gone for a day. There was no regret on my end either way, I knew what I had to do, and being there watching my son begin his life was worth it. Family first.”

In the early morning hours, February 7, with Drew at Amanda’s side, Colt Joshua Benton arrived healthy and happy. He weighed 5 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 17 inches long. Both mother and son are doing great and recovering.