Spain working to make bass a protected species

MADRID, Spain — Members of AEBass are working to get Spanish legislators to lift the catch-and-kill restriction on largemouth bass.

"[We've been making an effort] to force the Spanish Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Environment to change the legislation that considers the bass as an aloctonous specie, forcing the anglers to kill the catch, in order to eradicate the fish from our waters," said Jesus Exposito of the Spain B.A.S.S. Nation.

"As a result, the department is working on a new decree that declares the largemouth bass as a species naturalized in our country, and thus an object of protection," continued Exposito.

So far, the project has involved 989 volunteers, and eight lawyers working 240 man-hours. The Spain B.A.S.S. Nation has raised $17,507 for this effort.