Sabine River: Pros pick three

ORANGE, Texas – The 2013 Elite Series Sabine River Challenge Presented by STARK Cultural Venues will begin Thursday on the Sabine River, which forms part of the southern border between Texas and Louisiana.

On Wednesday, however, the 100 Elite anglers entered in the event met at the Lamar State College Student Center in Orange. The pros opined about the fishery and offered their favorites for this event – the first Elite Series stop of the year, and the first Elite tournament on this river.

Cliff Prince

  1. Dennis Tietje: “Because it’s home water.”
  2. Cliff Pace: “Because he’s pretty much on a hot streak.”
  3. Greg Hackney: “He knows this type of water.”

Kevin Short

  1. Kevin Short: “I own the record for winning an event with the lowest weight. I think it might be broken this week. You can catch 30, 40, 50 fish, but getting keepers is tough. That being said, with unlimited travel, someone’s going to catch them.”
  2. Cliff Pace: “He has experience in that direction (meaning East, toward Louisiana).”
  3. Edwin Evers: “Neither him or Cliff are afraid to travel an hour or two.”

Timmy Horton

  1. Cliff Crochet: “Like him.”
  2. Aaron Martens: “Always a good one.”
  3. Gary Klein: “Shallow water.”

Brent Chapman

  1. Brent Chapman: “I have to do well to start this season.”
  2. Dennis Tietje: “I think he’s the only guy here who has any fishing experience here.”
  3. Kevin VanDam: “You can’t ever count him out.”

Russ Lane

  1. Greg Hackney: “Grubbin’. He likes these grubbin’ tournaments.”
  2. Cliff Crochet : “I got a good idea he’s going to run off 150 miles to somewhere none of us know about.”
  3. Jamie Horton : “He’s really good in these tough river tournaments.”

John Murray

  1. Edwin Evers: “He always catches them.”
  2. Aaron Martens: “Same thing. He always catches them.”
  3. John Murray: “I’m running far, but I like my chances.”

Aaron Martens

  1. Alton Jones: “I think he did his homework and spent some time up here.”
  2. Gary Klein: “Because he likes to run.”
  3. Kevin VanDam: “This is a very complicated place.”

Terry Scroggins

  1. Dennis Tietje: “Local knowledge is going to play a big part in who does good here and that’s why I think TJ will do good.”
  2. Cliff Crochet: “Same thing. Local knowledge. The water is so chopped up and hard to move around in. You got to run for miles and miles to change locations here.”
  3. Todd Faircloth: “Just because he lives fairly close to here. It’s tough out there so anybody from around here has an advantage.”

Steve Kennedy

  1. Bill Lowen: “For some reason this place reminds me of the Ohio River (Lowen’s home water). He’s used to fishing for a couple keepers a day so he’s used to this kind of stuff. It won’t get in his head as much as it does somebody like me.”
  2. Todd Faircloth: “He’s one of the closest guys to here. I think one of these rivers runs right by his house. Being that close to home helps.”
  3. Dennis Tietje: “Every time I read an article about this place it’s got his name in it. Local knowledge will keep him in the hunt for sure.”

Greg Hackney

  1. Todd Faircloth: “He lives close and I feel like he’s had the best opportunity to get ready for this.”
  2. Gary Klein: “If you look at past tournaments on places like this, places where they make extremely long boat rides, he just normally does good.”
  3. Greg Hackney: “And me, because I never bet against myself.”

Keith Poche

  1. Cliff Crochet: “Cliff Crochet, Cliff Crochet, Cliff Crochet. He’s used to fishing this kind of stuff and he knows it’s a grind. In this tournament right here, you got to be ready mentally. I’m not sure if he’ll win, but he’ll do good.”
  2. Dennis Tietje: “I’m sure everybody’s saying TJ. Why not? He’s got the most local knowledge.”
  3. Matt Reed: “He’s just whatever. He’s just happy. He’s got that mindset like whatever. ’Let me flip over here and catch a five-pounder’. He’s a guy that doesn’t over think it.”

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