Rules of B.A.S.S. Brawl: David Walker vs. Randy Howell

Competition will take place in two (2), one-hour periods, with a break between the hours. Time of the break will be determined by needs of production and anglers. During this break, anglers will swap boats, possibly complete interviews.

The clock will start at the completion of the break and roll for 1 hour exactly.

All fishing ceases when the hour is up. In order for a fish to count, it has to be hooked in regulation. It can be played and landed after the official time ends and will count as long as it was hooked prior to the clock running out.

Each angler will get to spend one period in control of his or her own boat.

A coin flip will determine which boat goes first. The winner of the coin flip can opt to utilize his boat in the first half or the second half.

Owner of the boat in use will decide the fishing location within the confines of the set fishing water for the event. The owner will be in control of the boat and run the trolling motor, the other angler can run the boat if owner gives permission or if boat owner suffers a penalty.

Boundaries will be determined at a later date and provided to the anglers as soon as they are set.

At the end of regulation (2 hours of fishing) a winner will be declared.

In the event of a tie: An additional coin flip will take place to determine boat use, and anglers will fish in a sudden-death fish-off: First fish in the boat, in the hands of an angler and unhooked will determine the winner.

If no fish are caught after a 20-minute period, a coin flip and potential boat swap will take place and so on, until a fish is caught.




Scoring will be based on “First, Most and Biggest” format, with differing levels of points awarded for each.

  • First Bass = 7 points
  • Each additional bass (any size) caught after first fish = 3 points
  • Biggest Bass = 7 points


Scoring/scoreboard will be kept in the studio by Tommy Sanders and Stephen Browning


Penalties will be assessed by the on the water official and verified by video playback if needed. Assessment of penalties will be a forfeiture of fishing time by the offender.

Penalties will include, but not limited to:

  1. Roughing the caster - Any movement or action to harm the competing angler or his cast during competition. (Minus 2 minutes)
  2. Clipping - hooking an angler or his clothing, rods (minus 2 minutes)
  3. Illegal procedure - Making moves to keep another angler from casting, landing or being able to get a bait in the water. (Minus 2 minutes)
  4. Encroachment/off sides - An attempt to take over part of the boat not given permission to use. (Minus 2 minutes)