Rookie Huff isn’t tied in knots

The lifelong dream of a kid from rural Southwest Missouri came true on a frosty Thursday morning at the St. Johns River in Palatka as Cody Huff tied his Nitro to a dock, and waited to make his first cast moments later as a Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

Turns out the rope in his hands was as new as his pro career.

“My mind is in the right place, and my nerves are good, but I had a really weird wiring issue in my boat yesterday. So I bought this new dock rope at Bass Pro Shops in Gainesville yesterday while the folks in their boat service department were working hard to get me fixed-up,” smiled the always easy-going Huff.

Huff is absolutely one of the most talented and accomplished bass anglers in the world under the age of 25, but until practice started Sunday, he had never made a cast on the St. Johns.

“I found one area in practice where I caught two 7-pounders. So, my plan for today is to go to that area, stay focused, keep the trolling motor in the water, and fish it super thoroughly,” says Huff.

“Because even though the fishing has been tough, I’m confident if I can get five bites in that area, they’ll be the quality I need to do really well,” he reasons.

Frosty coolness in his veins. A new dock rope in his hands. Dreams in his heart. And a solid game plan in his head.

Keep a close eye on Cody Huff, fishing fans. He may only be age 24, but he’s going to be a major player in this sport for a very long time.