Rise up: Chris Lane's 2017 season


Don Barone

“And I'll rise up…”

Dateline: Backstage Lake Champlain

“I will never, NEVER throw in the towel…”
Chris Lane
2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion 

He held gently to my left bicep, and moved closer.

I could see his face get tighter, his dark eyebrows moved closer together; he was close enough that I could see his pupils dilate.

While his voice was calm and steady, and while his grip was gentle, and while we were surrounded by dozens of people it was as if he somehow sucked up time and all those around us, the fans in the seats, the families backstage, even the birds in the air seemed to freeze.

And there was just Chris Lane and me alone in the crowd, his back bent, his neck bent, his face was close to mine now, I could hear him breathe, I could see him breathe, see his nostrils flair in an out…I knew he was calming himself…I’ve seen this moment before, it is when the offensive linemen make one last wiggle of their fingers in the Astroturf before…hike…

“db I will never, ever, ever, EVER quit.”

And so you know in the time honored tradition of full disclosure here is the exact text of the question I asked Chris that elicited that response:

“Hey man, how you doing?”

I think Chris Lane wanted to talk.

‘…I'll rise like the day…”

 “If you fall, fall on your back. If you can look up, you can get up.’
Les Brown 

Throughout the year I’ve been asked at just about every event this question, “Hey what’s the matter with your buddy, Chris Lane.”

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