Renegade Bassers clean up Maple Lake

WRIGHT COUNTY, Minn. — Members of Minnesota's Renegade Bassers club participated in a cleanup on Maple Lake in conjunction with the Adopt A River program in April 2012.

"As part of the Renegade Bassers commitment to improving our environment, we have joined with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and its Adopt A River program," said Daryl Larson, the club's conservation director.

"The Renegade Bassers held a lake access clean up on Maple Lake in Wright County," added Larson. "There were 14 people from the Renegade Bassers and our families who attended the cleanup. We broke into two teams to tackle the cleanup at both accesses on the lake. Between the Lion’s Park access and the east access, in just a few hours, the club was able to collect a copier machine, a patio chair, a deer leg, six tires, 14 bags of garbage and a small pile of lumber.

"The total amount was estimated to be more than 400 pounds of garbage and debris that were polluting the water and lands around the accesses," Larson said. "As part of our commitment to the environment, the Renegade Bassers will be doing smaller cleanups at each of our club tournaments throughout the year."

The club received a letter of recognition for the governor of Minnesota.

The volunteers dedicated 42 man-hours to this project.