Remington Arms Company announces Bill Lowen sponsorship

Bill Lowen is known to the bass fishing world as a steady competitor who more-often-than-not brings back a solid catch each day he goes out. As evidence, Lowen has finished “in the money” a remarkable 70 percent of the time in Bassmaster Elite Series competition, earning him the moniker “Dollar Bill” Lowen.

Lowen is also known on tour as one of the more well-rounded outdoorsmen, adept at hunting whitetail deer, turkeys and waterfowl. Even when the Bassmaster competition schedule allows for only one or two mornings chasing turkeys Lowen has a solid string of successfully-filled tags annually near his Midwest home. He is quick to point to out that much of that acumen is attributed to being a fourth-generation hunter, all of whom were Remington men.

“My great grandfather, grandfather, and father passed on a love for the outdoors and taught me the basics of hunting and fishing,” said Lowen. “I’m grateful to them for teaching me and setting the stage for me to make a living and provide for my family in the outdoors. As soon as Nevaeh [daughter] and Fischer [son] are old enough they will make the fifth generation.”

Competitive bass fishing is a relatively young sport (Lowen recently finished fourth in the 46th annual Bassmaster Classic) so to be associated with Remington who is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2016 is both an honor and responsibility for Lowen. “I’ve worked with Buck Knives for eight years and that company started in 1902. The fact that Remington was founded in 1816 speaks volumes about the character and quality of the company right there.” 

In honor of that 200 year anniversary Remington is running a sweepstakes encouraging the submission of stories and photos about Remington Country. For more information visit here.

“For 200 years, Remington has walked side-by- side with the American sportsman in pursuit of the outdoors and upholding the traditions we all cherish. The lifestyle of hunting and fishing and being connected to nature is a lifestyle rooted more deeply in our hearts every year. In this vein, we are proud to support Bill, who exemplifies Remington’s love and support of friends, family and the outdoor lifestyle,” said Jordan Davis, VP New Business Development & Channel Development at Remington.