Remembering Sam Griffin

MOORE HAVEN, Fla. — As he taught people how to catch bass, Sam Griffin also instructed them about life. Some of that was intentional. But, I suspect, much of it was not. Sam was a natural mentor.

“Patience and fishing slowly will catch a lot more fish than fishing fast. I tell people they have to learn to catch more fish rather than make more casts,” Sam once told me. “Be superhumanly patient, and not just when fishing.”

Another time, he said, “If you know everything, you'd quit fishing because there's no challenge in it. Every time you go fishing, you think ‘I'm going to figure this out.’

“But if you did, you wouldn't like that, although you keep trying. That's human nature. Sometimes, you do figure it out, for a given day.”

I don’t remember much about what was said during our final fishing trip together, this past April. But I do remember the last bass I caught with 84-year-old Sam Griffin. He said it was a “heavy 6.”