Rain hurts sight biting fishermen


TAVARES, Fla. -- The first day of the first 2011 Elite Series event was shrouded in clouds.

Since many anglers are on a sight-fishing bite, we polled them to see how the stormy, windy day may affect their chances. Those who are not sight fishing felt that the weather may help them -- by hurting the sight fishermen.

Terry "Big Show" Scroggins
"I don't think it'll hurt 'em too much. I found a lot of sight fish during the first day of practice, but I think I'll leave 'em alone since I didn't get a great boat draw. The guys who are doing that may have to wait the weather out before they can get on to them really well."

Bernie Schultz
"I have no clue. It won't hurt anything that I'm doing, but it'll hit the sight fishing areas."

Keith Combs
"There isn't too much you can do about it. I'm going to look for a couple then ... I don't know. We'll see. I like the clouds, though."

Jonathon VanDam
"I hope it helps me. It should move them closer to me by bringing them out of the cover a bit."

J. Todd Tucker
"It'll definitely make the sight fishing tough. But, I've got a backup plan that should get me 11 to 13 pounds a day. It's a good Plan B."

Travis Manson
"I hope the weather helps because I didn't have much going into today! Day Two should be a different story, though."

Brent Chapman
"This may make the big ones bite, I hope. Maybe I can get a good number of bites then go flip for a big one."

Paul Elias
"I don't know for sure. But, I feel good; I feel confident. I hope the wind blows so the sight fishing bite hurts."

Lee Sisson
"Who know, this is Harris! We'll find out, though!"

Bobby Lane
"I don't know. But, I'm starting out on two giants. One's 9ish, the other one's about 9 1/2. I may have to wait (the weather) out, though."

Clark Reehm
"It probably won't affect me, I'm fishing for postspawn fish. I'm starting really close to here."

Boyd Duckett
"Well, I'm looking at 'em, so it depends on whether I can see 'em or not."

Nate Wellman
"The fishing may be good. But, it's Day Two that you need to worry about. I say that because though it rained last night, it stayed warm. It's going to be 44 tonight, and the water temperature will drop a bit, which can mess these fish up. The key to having a good tournament is having a good day today."

Billy McCaghren
"I don't know about it. I haven't been on anything solid all week. This may make 'em bite better for the sight fishing guys."