Quotes from Day Two of the Mississippi River Rumble

"I still don't have a clue. I don't know why I caught 'em (today). And I was looking forward to coming up here. I finished fifth here last year."

- Terry Scroggins, who rallied from 99th place with 11-7 on Day Two to finish 87th


"This is the one place in the world where you can flip smallmouth."

John Murray


"I was flipping a Beaver in a bush. I'd flipped it three times, and I'd seen other guys flip it. I didn't do anything any different."

­- Charlie Hartley, on the 4-14 largemouth he caught Friday.


"I'm throwing every kind of frog there is. I've got seven rods rigged with frogs."

- Fred Roumbanis


"That wind blew really hard today. It felt like I was on 'Deadliest Catch' out there. But it calmed down nicely."

- Dean Rojas, on the straight-line winds that hit after takeoff this morning


"I'm a Southern boy. I think show should be a destination, not a situation. If a man needs a snow-blower, he needs to change his zip code."

- Kenyon Hill, after complimenting the La Crosse hospitality, but wondering about wintering here.


"I'm catching 40 to 60 fish a day, mostly on a frog."

- Ish Monroe


"If I could weigh all of my fish today, I'd have over 100 pounds. I caught so many 1-pounders it was ridiculous."

- Jared Miller


"It changed a lot. It was rough. Today was a day that really tested your equipment. There were five-foot waves out there."

- Keith Combs


"You never say that. This sport will humble you so quick."

- Mark Davis, after saying yesterday that just about anybody could weigh 12 pounds here, which he did Thursday, and then weighed-in one 1-pound, 7-ounce bass Friday.


"That wind got wild. I don't think I've ever been in three feet of water and got scared."

- Jamie Horton


"This Mississippi River is a beast."

- Stephen Browning,


"This is the first time in my life that I've ever had to strap my poles down while I was fishing because I was scared they'd blow out (of the boat)."

- Pete Ponds


"That's what makes this tournament great, to see who can adjust to the conditions."

- David Walker


"I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It's going to be fun."

- Greg Vinson


"I lost the first five that bit. I was very close to spinning out. I just took a deep breath."

- Brandon Palaniuk


"I hope the mayfly hatch stays away for two more days."

- Aaron Martens, referring to the massive mayfly hatch that spoiled his Day Four last year at La Crosse


"He's got a lot of energy, and he's got a little bit of anger. But you know what? Anger is a gift."

- Mike Iaconelli, on his young son, Vegas, who "demanded" to be on the weigh-in stage with his father.

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