Quotes from the Rumble

“When they turned on it was every cast. On one cast there was three different fish that blew up on my frog.” 

– Cliff Prince
“I didn’t hold back today at all.” 
– Dean Rojas
“If I didn’t have a shot to win, I wanted to finish 13th.” 
– Rick Clunn
“I sat on one tree and caught them for two-and-a-half hours.”  
–  Jason Quinn
“I’ve been getting a hundred-plus bites a day on a frog.” 
– Stephen Kennedy
“My balance beam was out all day with fish on it.” 
– Jared Miller
“I guess I’m fishing tomorrow.” 
– 2nd place angler Aaron Martens
“Even if I’m last, I’m last in the money.” 
– Bernie Shultz