Pundits' Picks

It's the "Last Stand at Pundit Creek", as our man Tommy Sanders succinctly put it. It's also the last chance for fantasy managers to claim bragging rights this season.Our panel of experts hasn't missed a beat this season, and we're betting they won't be far off the mark for the season finale at Lake Tohopekaliga, either.

 If they are, they'll all miss it. There's more agreement this week than for any event this season, with three anglers — Kevin VanDam, Skeet Reese and Terry Scroggins — as consensus selections by our pundits.

 The salary cap will prevent all three from being on fantasy managers' rosters, so it's time for difficult decisions across the fantasy landscape.Beyond the three favorites, our pundits go in different directions. Florida residency appears to be one requirement for inclusion, and Florida pro Chris Lane is second only to "Big Show" Scroggins among Sunshine State anglers on our pundits' lists. Proclivity for a flippin' stick is another theme for Toho.However you choose, young grasshoppers, choose wisely.

 There is no tomorrow.

 Steve Bowman, Executive Editor, ESPNOutdoors.com

 Terry Scroggins The no-brainer of the week. It's like picking USC at home or Michigan over a Division I-A school. But mostly like USC.

 Preston Clark He's at home, and knows the lake, which will be critical in this event. All those key areas are covered in vegetation, and he knows what to do to catch the fish.

 Gary Klein My guess is this will be a flipping tournament. Klein has had a hot hand, and he's still one of the best with a flipping stick in his hand.Kevin VanDam You have to pick him. It's crazy not to. He's never won here, but he's had a string of top 10s, and there's too much at stake with the Angler of the Year race.Skeet Reese For virtually the same reasons as above, the biggest one being there is too much at stake. Reese has his eye on the prize, and if he were going to choke, it would have happened at Champlain or Erie. He's on a mission and every piece seems to fall into place.

 James Overstreet, Reporter/photographer, ESPNOutdoors.com

 Kevin VanDam Skeet Reese has a nice lead in the Angler of the Year standings going into this last tournament, but VanDam will fish his guts out to the last minute to make Skeet earn it.

Chris Lane It's Florida and there's grass. Lane could win it all and get his first Elite Series win in his home state.

 Terry Scroggins It's his home water, and Big Show may be the best bet in the field to make the 12 cut.

 Davy Hite Davy needs to move up one spot in the Angler of the Year standings to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic in his home state. I wouldn't want to bet against him.

 Skeet Reese He's answered every call this season. Skeet is fishing so well, he should be able to finish the deal.

 Trey Reid, Fantasy fishing writer, ESPNOutdoors.com

 Kevin VanDam Let's get this out of the way first: The Angler of the Year race comes down to KVD and Skeet Reese at Toho. VanDam's competitive fire will burn hotter than usual on the Kissimmee Chain.

 Skeet Reese The Angler of the Year title is Skeet's to lose. He's had an unbelievable year, and I don't expect it to change now.

 Terry Scroggins If I could pick only one angler at Toho, Big Show would be my guy.

 Kelly Jordon He's one of the best in the game at finding big bass by methodically picking apart the vegetation. That will give him a huge advantage at Toho.

Kevin Wirth He always seems to fish well at Toho, including solid finishes at the 2006 Bassmaster Classic and the 2005 tour opener.

 Tommy Sanders, The Bassmasters, ESPN2

 Kevin VanDam If you're looking for the guy who wants to win and has to win, KVD is the man.

 Terry Scroggins Way too much knowledge of Toho is why the Big Show will be on all picks lists.

 Chris Lane Like Scroggins, a walking Wikipedia of Florida fishing at all times of the year.

 Gerald Swindle Needs to make the Classic like Dracula needs blood. I predict he'll do it with a good finish here.

 Dean Rojas He's the all-time best at Toho when it's a slugfest. Now he needs to shake off the big Dardanelle disappointment and prove he can catch them when it's tough. A big finish here will land him in the Classic as well.

 Mark Zona The Bassmasters, ESPN2

 Chris Lane Lane is part of a Florida fishing clan that flat knows how to catch 'em. Partner his local knowledge with man-childish good looks, and it's lights out.

 Terry Scroggins Kevin Wirth once told me that Big Show was the all-around best fisherman he's ever known, and I looked at him kinda weird after saying that. But if you look at his history, he's catching them anywhere, anytime. At Toho, Wirth's comment will be right on the money.

 Sir James Charlesworth His name is as regal as his knowledge with a flippin' stick. This year has been a little slow, so he's due to show up here.Skeet Reese One of the two pit bulls in the AOY will catch them here, and there is no denying we are in for a great finish. Thus far, Skeet is untouchable.

 Kevin VanDam He's the other dog in the AOY fight. Trust me, KVD will be quietly waiting for Skeet to stumble. If that happens — game on!