Pros pick three

ZAPATA, Texas -- Perhaps more than any bass fishery in the U.S., Falcon Lake has the ability to produce shockingly large bags of fish. From what the pros were saying at the anglers meeting on Wednesday to open the 2013 Elite Series Rigid Industries Falcon Slam, it sounds like that will be the case once again.

So, it's not surprising that there is a pretty varied number of anglers that are being mentioned as favorites this week.

Here's a list of who we talked to and who said what:

Jami Fralick

1. Matt Reed, "He guides here in the winter."

2. Tommy Biffle, "There are still some fish in the bushes and if he's flipping he'll have a good bite"

3. Todd Faircloth, "I would think he's on a roll."

Cliff Pace

1. Matt Reed, "His history on this lake."

2. Bill Lowen, "It's not an easy tournament and he'll excel because he's tough."

3. Tommy Biffle, "Somebody will be flipping big fish."

Bill Lowen

1. Mark Davis, "He's good offshore."

2. Paul Elias, "Look what he did last time we came here."

3. Tommy Biffle, "It could be a flipping deal, too."

Fred Roumbanis

1. Alton Jones, "He has lot's of history here and I've seen some of the ones he's caguht here other times."

2. Gary Klein, "He's due. He's a Texas guy and he likes offshore."

3. Todd Faircloth, "He's on a streak and so good in these Texas waters."

Keith Poche

1. Alton Jones, "He guides here a lot."

2. Keith Combs, "Same reason."

3. Kelly Jordon, "Another really solid Texas fisherman."

Tommy Biffle

1. Alton Jones, "He fishes this water a bunch."

2. Todd Faircloth, "On a roll and knows the place."

3. Tommy Biffle, "If I can get five bites (a day), I'll be in good shape."

Cliff Crochet

1. Paul Elias, "The obvious, the record."

2. Todd Faircloth, "He has momentum. He's paid his dues. This could be his year."

3. Cliff Crochet, "You can't ever bet against yourself."

Mark Davis

1. Tommy Biffle, "Because of the way he can flip."

2. Kevin VanDam, "He's good at fishing deep."

3. Todd Faircloth, "He's hot."

David Walker

1. Matt Reed, "His big amount of expertise here."

2. Edwin Evers, "Quite the ability to crank. I think that'll be important here."

3. David Walker, "It's a grinder's tounament and I'm pretty damn stubborn."

Jason Christie

1. Matt Reed, "Because he fishes here all the time."

2. Derek Remitz, "He's tough fishing and cranking those big fish. I've just got a feeling."

3. Kelly Jordon, "History."

David Smith

1. Kevin VanDam, "Because I think he's the best fisherman out here."

2. David Walker, "He's an all-around good fisherman."

3. David Smith, "I've kind of figured out the depth I think, and I also think that's going to be key here."

Clark Rheem

1. Matt Reed, "Knows it here."

2. Keith Combs, "Same reason."

3. Brian Snowden, "I think he can go offshore, be slow and methodical to exploit a spot."

Zell Rowland

1. Alton Jones, "He fishes here all the time."

2. Matt Reed, "The same thing."

3. Zell Rowland, "Because I want them."

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