Profile: Allstar Bass Fishing Tournaments

Geographic region covered: Arizona

Year founded: 1984. John and Janet Sneed purchased the trail in 2008 and have steadily built up participation.

Mission statement: We are the oldest team bass fishing tournament circuit in the state of Arizona. We take great pride in running a circuit that is professional and attracts some of the best anglers in the state. One of our main points of focus is caring for the fish. Our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff ensure that we have one of the best live-release rates.

Geographic region covered: Arizona

Best lake or lakes visited: Roosevelt and Apache

Average turnout per tournament: 65 to 85 boats

Contact: Janet Sneed, 928-581-6299.

Also: This is the oldest and largest team tournament trail in the Southwest. Many of its anglers have been with Allstar for more than 20 years.