Powroznik's lucky deer


Jim Sexton

Jacob Powroznik's lucky deer on his boat.

After an emotional victory in the Bassmaster Classic Bracket, Jacob Powroznik did a cannon ball off his boat into Minnesota's Lake Pokegama. "Man that water is frigid," he said with a smile. By the way, he jumped into that chilly water with his wallet still in his pocket. When he visited with us later in the hotel he left his Tundra running to dry out the soggy wallet. 

When Powroznik climbed out of the water he looked up and said, "This is for you Talan." Turns out Talan is the young son of his girlfriend Sherry Elmore. Talan told Powroznik he wanted a trophy for his room. So we know where the Classic Bracket trophy will reside. It is now adorned with a culling clip that was still in the mouth of a 3 pound 3 ounce bass Powroznik caught today. That fish was particularly meaningful because Powroznik had never caught a bass still swimming around with a culling clip in it's mouth. 

Earlier this year Talan had given Powroznik a small plastic deer to put in his boat for good luck. "The deer finally paid off," said Powroznik. You'll see it in the photo. 

Powroznik got emotional when he talked about his family. The location of the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic, on South Carolina's Lake Hartwell is special to him. His mom's sister lives in Greenville, S.C., and he has newly found relatives in the state. And of course he's from nearby Virginia so family there can come see him fish this Classic too. He thought about his dad, who passed away a few years ago, coming to the last Classic on Hartwell. "My family has just given me so much support," he said. "Thinking about them being able to attend just..."  He didn't need to say any more. 

Powroznik will be a serious contender at the 2018 Classic. He finished 5th the last time the Classic was at Hartwell. He has a lot of experience on the lake and will come into this one with a strong dose of momentum.

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