Picking three Dardanelle dandies

Lake Dardanelle, the body of water that 108 of the best in the world will tackle this week, has faced some serious changes with in the last few days, even hours.

With an influx of mass amounts of water and the color significantly changing this Arkansas body of water will pose problems for some anglers. After seeing the recent rains and dealing with the time of the year, here are the picks that some of the Elite anglers believe will do well this week.

Greg Vinson
1. Scott Rook - “Anytime you deal with drastic changes to a body of water it’s good to have local knowledge.”
2. Kevin Short - “Same thing.”
3. Todd Faircloth - “He catches them everywhere we go and he makes the right decisions most of the time.”

David Walker
1. Mark Davis - “No brainer. He is fishing really well; if we were in Florida I would pick him too. It helps he has local knowledge here.”
2. Scott Rook - “He is a local to these parts, but overall most of his success has come in this region of the country.”
3. Myself - “Yeah, I’m due…”

Jared Miller
1. Kevin Short - “Local angler on this body of water.”
2. Billy McCaghren - “Knows the body of water because he is from around here.”
3. Mark Davis and Jared Lintner - “Can’t go wrong with the AOY leaders.”

Joe Sancho - “I really think it’s gonna be a good flipping bite. These guys are good at it.”
1. Tommy Biffle
2. Randall Tharp
3. Bernie Schultz

Bill Lowen
1. Scott Rook - “The locals will know what to do in regards to these sudden changes.”
2. Billy McCaghren - “Same goes for him. He knows this body of water well.”
3. To be honest…I’m stumped for my third pick. We don’t normally see these conditions during this time of the year.

Mark Davis
1. Gary Klein - “Very versatile and he is overdue for one.”
2. Scott Rook - “He is a premiere river fisherman, especially in Arkansas.”
3. Davy Hite - “Simply put, he has won here before.”

Keith Combs
1. Stephen Browning - “He is a real good river fisherman and its setting up like that.”
2. Billy McCaghren and Kevin Short - “They are used to these changes when it comes to this body of water.”

Chad Morgenthaler
1. Randall Tharp - “Used to fishing shallow and is good on river systems.”
2. Glenn Browne - “It is really setting up for a ‘flipping’ type tournament.”
3. Greg Hackney - “Same deal; he is a good shallow fisherman and his past experience here will help him.”

Kevin Short
1. Mark Davis - “Dude is on a hot streak and is AOY leader for good reason.”
2. Bill Lowen - “He has a good handle on river systems.”
3. Todd Faircloth - “He’s gonna catch them. He is just so consistent and the off-colored water should help.”

Chris Zaldain
1. Mark Davis - “Obvious pick because it’s his home state, but he is on a crazy roll this season.”
2. Kevin Short - “He is a local, but it will be hard to focus. I know he is hungry.”
3. Myself - “I finished second to Tommy Biffle on the Arkansas River in 2011. I need one.”

Stephen Browning
1. Kevin Short and Billy McCaghren - “They are both Arkansas boys who will know what to do on this pond when the conditions change.”
2. Mark Davis - “The conditions will change and he will know how to adjust.”

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