Perfect Pierson wins Sabine BassTrakk prize


James Overstreet

Randy Pierson was spot on with his BassTrakk estimates at the Sabine River.

Third year Elite pro Randy Pierson was spot-on in his BassTrakk estimates for the Sabine River tournament. For the first two days of competition his BassTrakk estimates were 11-15, which was a perfect match to his official weights. Pierson is the first Elite angler to nail his estimates exactly. 

The $1,000 BassTrakk Contingency Prize is rewarded to the angler whose BassTrakk estimates are closest to the official weights at the end of two days.

“I had three goals when I started the year,” said Pierson. “Number 1, make the Classic. Number 2, make a Top 10. And number 3, win the BassTrakk prize. I guess I can now check that one off the list. Now, can I win it again?”

The answer is yes. Elite anglers can indeed win the prizes multiple times. They do have to catch a limit during the first two days of each tournament to qualify.

Pierson does weigh his fish in the boat, currently with an inexpensive Walmart scale. “Before this bonus came out I actually didn’t weigh all my fish,” he said. “But now I’m trying to win this prize.” 

Pierson lives in Oakdale, Calif., with his wife and two kids. When on the tournament trail he rooms with Brandon Cobb and Shane LeHew.

Here are the top ten finishers for the BassTrakk Contingency Prize at the Sabine River, and how much each angler was off from their official weight. 

  • Randy Pierson             0
  • Pat Schlapper              0-1
  • Destin DeMarion         0-1
  • Justin Atkins                0-2
  • Steve Kennedy            0-2
  • Brad Whatley              0-3
  • Ed Loughran               0-3
  • Scott Martin                0-3
  • Buddy Gross               0-4
  • Brandon Lester           0-4