Ontario's Scanlon Creek restored

AURORA, Ontario — The Aurora Bassmasters from the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation worked to restore Scanlon Creek by planting native vegetation.

"The club partnered with Ontario Streams and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority to adopt Scanlon Creek within the Conservation Area," said Wil Wegman of the Aurora Bassmasters. "The online pond was recently taken 'off-line' because of water quality issues and degraded habitat. The club began work in early spring 2012 and planted an assortment of native wetland plants, trees and shrubs.

"Further work during the season saw members work to map the stream — recording substrate composition and aquatic plant presence and measuring distances between bends in the stream," continued Wegman. "In 2013, work will continue to restore adjacent areas (erosion control) with additional fisheries monitoring."

Twelve members contributed 60 man-hours or labor to restore a mile of shoreline. The volunteers planted $10,000 worth of wetland seeds.