db: This one is for the fans

“This song's for you…”

Dateline: Elite No. 2 Lake Okeechobee

"Without fans there is no sport. There wouldn't be the big sponsors and we definitely wouldn't be able to make a living doing what we love. Today's reality would only be a dream."
Brandon Palaniuk
Bassmaster Elite Angler 

I believe we are all in the same band.

Some of us are up on the stage, some of us are down in the pit or the cheap seats.

But it is all of us who bring the melody of earth to life.

In this my 10th season in this gig it is to you that I dedicate this year, you the chorus behind what we all do up in the spotlights.

Never forget one thing, it is you who makes us, not the other way around.

Know this too, the “stars” to me are those of you who come up to me to shake my hand, who write to me, who “friend” me, who follow me. To be appreciated by my fellow working stiffs is humbling and gets me through the long miles and days away from home.

Every year I try and do something different, frankly, to keep both you and I interested in the gig, I don’t do well with "same old same old" and I suspect you don’t dig it that much either.

And for me, 2017 began, simply, with a phone call, several phone calls, more than a hundred or so now.

All of them, calls from you.

“…you know who you are…”

“What I call the Phlash Phan Clan are phabulous when they make you billboards on the interstate, doll replicas, bobbleheads and a horse named aphter me.”
~Phlash Phelps
Sirius Xm
60’s on 6 Morning Drive Jock