Omega Custom Tackle adds Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jared Lintner to Pro Staff

Omega Custom Tackle announced a partnership with Elite Series pro Jared Lintner, which will include the introduction of a signature series bait to be known as "Jared's Righteous Pitching Jig."

"I have a jig tied on 12 months out of the year and I've been using Omega products for several years now," Lintner said. "It started with the Derek Remitz Signature Series Football Jig and the Pro-Mega Structure Fishing Jig. I've always been the type of angler who tied my own jigs to get exactly what I wanted, but now with the Omega products I don't have to do that anymore."

The new product's design was born of necessity. Lintner has long relied on ballhead-style finesse jigs during his travels from coast to coast, but he said that on most of them the hook will bend out if you set on a big fish in heavy cover. With a specialized 4/0 Mustad flipping hook, that's no longer a problem. Additionally, while the top of the head is rounded, the bottom is concave, so it stands upright at a 45-degree angle when allowed to rest on the bottom or on a piece of cover. The line tie is recessed and angled so that it won't pop the fish's mouth open on the hookset.

Lintner's signature jig will be available in five unique silicone skirt patterns from retailers everywhere, as well as three patterns exclusive to Tackle Warehouse — Delta Craw, Jared's Craw and TW Craw. These are color patterns that Lintner developed to look as natural as possible and are not available on any other jig. Each custom skirt is hand-tied to provide maximum outward skirt flaring, which makes the Righteous Pitching Jig a bulky yet compact offering.

Company President Todd Barnes said he was thrilled to have Lintner, a two-time Bassmaster Classic qualifer and winner of the 2005 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open on Clear Lake, on his versatile and talented staff. "He's a hard core jig guy," Barnes explained. "Jared is a very laid back guy and a family man as well. We had a great time working on this project together and may have something else in the works very soon! The Righteous Pitching Jig is definitely a 'top shelf,' American-made product that true jig connoisseurs will appreciate."

Tackle Warehouse will begin taking pre-orders for Jared's Righteous Pitching Jig on Friday, April 1, 2011. It will be available from other retailers shortly thereafter. 

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