Notes & quotes from Day One

“In practice I caught one about 12 pounds.” – John Murray

“This was about the worst practices I’ve had for an event.” – Bill Lowen

“I never caught a fish over three pounds in practice.” – Brandon Palaniuk after weighing in 21 pounds, 2- ounces.

“That bank beating didn’t get it done today.” – Bobby Lane

“I’ve been fishing deep for four days and just about had enough of it.” – Tommy Biffle

“I didn’t represent the lake very well.” – Rick Clunn

“I can’t even tell you how I ended up with them, I just know I did.” – Tournament leader Cliff Pace

“The next cast here could be a 10 to 14-pounder.” – Greg Hackney

“I had to get a pardon from the governor to catch that one fish.” – Bernie Schultz on the only fish he weighed on Day One