Mystery lake guesses and a dark green polo

During his first B.A.S.S. Twitter chat, Alton Jones made guesses on where the mystery lake might be this summer, and he explained the importance of camouflaging himself when sight fishing.

Today, Alton Jones let fans ask him anything in his first Twitter chat. From his guesses on the mystery lake location to his preference of lure and lens colors, fans interviewed the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown winner about several fishing topics. He was quick on the trigger with every question, answering 46 questions in just a little more than 30 minutes.

Below is a transcript of the chat. The tweets have been lightly edited to improve clarity and fix spelling errors.

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JonesProFishing Glad you all can join me today, let’s talk fishin’!

BASS_nation Welcome, Alton @JonesProFishing to our Twitter chat! Congratulations on your recent win on the St. Johns.

JonesProFishing Thanks, it’s great to win, especially after coming so close last year!


BhamJenHey @JonesProFishing, which lake are you most looking forward to fishing on the Elite Series this year?

JonesProFishing That’s a tough one. If I had to pick one it would be Lake Oneida in New York.


sport603 I met u with my dad in law Larry Walthall a few years ago at BPS in Lauderdale. Larry wanted me to say hi if I got a chance.

JonesProFishing Yes, I remember you. Please tell Larry hello, hope you are doing great!

sport603 I will thanks, Larry is great. He got saved a few years ago now.

sport603 Thanks for your time and your testimony. Your faith means a lot and is an inspiration. I will call Larry W tonight.


hunter44i8 Are you ready for the bend?

JonesProFishing I’m not ready for Toledo Bend. The water level is different, and I’m going to have to do a lot of pre-tournament studying.


twreed Alton, what lure were you using on the St. Johns?

JonesProFishing I was using a 6-inch @Lurenet Yum Dinger. I like the 6-inch because it gets a bigger bite.


bustinbeaks Alton, what is the most common way you rig your Dingers?

JonesProFishing The most common is a Texas rig with a very light weight.


zachhelton09 When you’re not on fish and your struggling to get a limit, what do you do?

JonesProFishing The best approach to that situation is to scale down in bait and line size or change locations.


BassMN_com Alton: When using your side imaging, any special set up tricks? Sensitivity, color, distance from boat…

JonesProFishing I usually set my distance from boat at 100 feet or less. That shows me greater detail on the screen.


CavemanCatching What’s your thought process when you find fish but can’t get them to bite anything?

JonesProFishing They’ll always bite something, it’s usually just a matter of figuring out what it is.

JonesProFishing They’re always biting somewhere. I’m not a patient fisherman.


hunter44i8 I met you at the classic final day and I am a huge fan thanks for keeping the faith and answering questions on Facebook.

JonesProFishing Thanks Hunter. My faith in Christ is what sustains me in all aspects of my life.


@twreed Alton, did you feel the pressure on Day 4 when Todd Faircloth was doing so well?

JonesProFishing I try to block out any thoughts of what other anglers might be catching. I always focus on the next fish.


wmoodyTX What factors do you need to see before you bail on an area that you found fish in practice?

JonesProFishing Once I lose confidence in the area, it’s time to make a move. I can’t fish effectively unless I fish with confidence.


DrummerJwatts33 Have you ever tried fly fishing?

JonesProFishing Yes, I have done some fly fishing. I especially love the San Juan in northern New Mexico.


MK_Bassfishing Hey Alton, congrats on your recent win! Do you think that you had an advantage by switching to your dark green polo?

JonesProFishing Yes, camo is just as important in sight fishing as it is in deer hunting.


twreed Who do you like to spend time with on the trail?

JonesProFishing I spend a lot of time with @BrentChapman2 Todd Faircloth, @theRandyHowell and Mark Davis just to name a few.

JonesProFishing We are all just like a big family.


GoneFishin024 How many new sponsor proposals do you get after a big win like the St. Johns?

JonesProFishing Typically not any unless it’s a Classic win. A sponsorship is more of a relationship than a transaction.


HellaBass What is your guess where Mystery Elite Tournament will be?

JonesProFishing I’m thinking possibly Big Bay de Noc, Sturgeon Bay or Lake Winnebago. It’s a coin toss

HellaBass I think you are spot on.

BassUtopia Not thinking Mille Lacs?

BassUtopia I’d love to see it on Mille Lacs Lake!

JonesProFishing Mille Lacs is a great fishery. I would love to go there. But, I’m leaning more towards another Wisconsin event.

JonesProFishing If the mystery lake is big water like Mille Lacs, I’ll be glad I’m running a @SkeeterTeam FX.

bustinbeaks I think it’s time to re-visit Iowa! Lake Rathbun!

JonesProFishing Never been there, sounds like fun!


MK_Bassfishing Alton, how grueling was it to do two Elites back to back weekends? And what’s your take on Bull Shoals next week?

JonesProFishing Back-to-backs are always physically demanding. But, this is a sport after all.

JonesProFishing I’m excited for Bull Shoals. Hope to do some more sight fishing, my green polo is ready.


CavemanCatching Thanks, AJ! One more question: What are your favorite, and least favorite, baits to fish?

JonesProFishing My favorite is a @Lurenet Yum Dinger. My least favorite is a jigging spoon, but I can suffer through it when I have to.

CavemanCatching Thank you for your time, Alton! Stick’em big this weekend!

JonesProFishing Thanks Caveman! I’ll give it my best!


BoOwens Where would you target big bass in the St. Johns River in April?

JonesProFishing There should be a final wave of spawners during April. Look for main lake eelgrass flats.


sport603 Did you start flipping jigs on Okeechobee like most of the other pros. Jigs are just recently becoming popular here in Florida.

JonesProFishing I did start with a jig, and I started in one of the best areas but made moves at the wrong time. Timing is everything.


ajpanders You’ve had quite a career – what’s been the biggest change in the sport since you began fishing professionally?

JonesProFishing I would say the skill level of the average angler has risen dramatically. You have to be better than ever to succeed.

ajpanders Technology playing a big role in that?

JonesProFishing Yes, information is so much more available, and it is much easier to do research.


BhamJen What advice do you have for someone going to Falcon Lake to fish? Should they take any precautions?

JonesProFishing Falcon seems to be safer than it has in the past. But I’ve always got one eye open for approaching boats.

JonesProFishing Use at least 65-pound test braid, big hooks and big baits. Don’t be afraid to throw that Yum Dinger in the heart of a tree.


Duckhunter2015 What would you recommend to fish when the water temp is between 65 and 70 with the fish starting to bed?

JonesProFishing It’s the time of year for the Yum Dinger. You have to make long casts, that’s what I love about @ArdentReels Edge.


HellaBass If you could only have one color Yum Dinger?

JonesProFishing That’s a tough one. If you’re going to limit me to one, I’m going with green pumpkin.


hunter44i8 Any tips for fishing small rivers in the South (baits and technique)?

JonesProFishing That’s a perfect situation for spinning rod and shaky head or drop shot. Or a small jerkbait like the XCalibur Twitch Bait.


acstarks How many gallons of gas a year do you use?

JonesProFishing I don’t have the exact figure. But, with the new @YamahaOutboards SHO, it’s much less than ever before.


BoOwens How are you able to sight fish so well on the St. Johns River?

JonesProFishing A Yum Dinger, a green polo and a little luck make a good threesome.


MK_Bassfishing How did you become one of the best sight fisherman out on the Elite Series? Any other tips than camo clothing?

JonesProFishing You usually get good at what you enjoy the most, and for me that’s sight fishing.

JonesProFishing Another great tip is never cast to a bass that’s looking at you. A pair of @costasunglasseswill do that for you.

JonesProFishing It’s also important to have a super-sensitive rod like my Kistler Z-Bones.


maxkburk I used to live in Mexia now Fort Worth. Appreciate your witness and testimony. Good thing our subdivision has a tank with good fish!

JonesProFishing Fort Worth is a great city. I was born in Dallas myself.


BassUtopia 2011 you and @ChrisLaneFish both helped out our Facebook page with promos. Both are starting strong this year. Coincidence?

JonesProFishing Maybe I better get more involved with @BassUtopia on Facebook.


MK_Bassfishing Sunglasses are key for sight fishing .. .amber-colored tint for sight fishing? What’s a good color for overall use?

JonesProFishing When sight fishing, I use @Costasunglasses sunrise color lenses.

JonesProFishing Yellow lenses diminish brown and highlight green, making it easier to see the fish.


leadexposure What are your top three Missouri lakes?

JonesProFishing Table Rock, Truman and Lake of the Ozarks.


BASS_nation Thanks, everyone, for joining in! We appreciate @JonesProFishing joining us. A transcript will be available later today.

JonesProFishing It means a lot that so many of you came on to chat today. May God bless each of you. Take care.