Monroe to run River2Sea wrap

RICHMOND, Calif. — Bassmaster Elite Series pro Ish Monroe will be running a River2Sea wrap on his tow vehicle and boat during the 2014 tour.

Monroe ran a River2Sea wrap on his FLW tour boat in 2013, but the lure company is becoming his main partner for the Elite Series this year, too.

The graphics package features a custom River2Sea R2S logo designed to match Monroe’s sky blue and black and color patterns, as well as the Ish Monroe signature series.

Monroe said that having the opportunity to create a stronger partnership with River2Sea was a true draw to the promotion.

“River2Sea and I have really developed a great working relationship and friendship since I joined the team in 2011,” said Monroe. “Being able to do a little more to represent the brand and the products we have worked together to build is something I am very proud of. I look forward to flying these colors into the Elite Series this year.”

Simon Chan, president of River2Sea, said the partnership made sense for a lot of reasons.

“Ish has totally invested himself into being a part of the team here,” said Chan. “He works very hard on his fishing, on his products and on the business, and having him feature the R2S logo this way is a great value because we know how much it means to us in a promotional sense.

“Ish is one of the hardest workers out there,” continued Chan, “and we are glad he is a part of the team and the River2Sea family.”