Missouri floods

Water patrol asks public to restrict boating on Table Rock, Taneycomo due to safety issues

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has asked the public to restrict boating on Table Rock and Taneycomo lakes due to high water levels that also caused the postponement of the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open 2. 

Colonel Ron Replogle, superintendent of the MSHP, cautions recreational boaters to avoid boating on the lake because of the current flood conditions. Large amounts of floating debris due to the elevated water levels have made boat operation hazardous on both lakes.

Significant damage has occurred to dock structures on both Table Rock and Taneycomo lakes. Increased wave action caused by boats on these lakes would cause additional damage to dock structures and seawalls already under stress from the water levels.

The Water Patrol has canceled current regatta permits for fishing tournaments on Table Rock Lake, including the Central Open, and Lake Taneycomo to help minimize damage to flooded areas.

Dock owners are reminded to be cautious when working around dock structures that are under pressure or otherwise affected by the high water.

Check the tension and take appropriate actions when adjusting dock cables due to the changing water levels. Adjusting dock cables under tension is a two-person job.

Always wear a lifejacket when working on or near the water.

Boats operating or working around dock structures need to be at idle speed to prevent further damage being caused by boat wakes.

Table Rock Lake already has had historic releases of water from this flood event and could possibly see the water level top the historic high seen in the spring 2008. The public's cooperation is appreciated in reducing the traffic on these waterways to minimize property damage and ensure safety.