Livingston Lures pros fish with sweeps winners

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — B.A.S.S. sponsor Livingston Lures made four of their fans very happy after the Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown at St. Lawrence River last week. Four Elite anglers hung around an extra day to fish with four winners of a sweepstakes put on by the innovative lure sponsor. The winners were Jamieson Heaney of California, Kris Dew of Mississippi, Brandon Pedigo of Oklahoma and Brent Malone of Oklahoma.

They were flown to Syracuse on Sunday and had dinner with the the Livingston Team that night. After a good night's rest, they fished the next day and had their own unofficial tournament where each winner was paired with a Livingston pro:

  • 2012 AOY Brent Chapman and Kris Dew
  • Hank Cherry and Brandon Pedigo
  • Randy Howell and Brent Malone
  • Jeff Kriet and Jamieson Heaney

Here are their results:

  1. Team Chapman/Dew 16.56
  2. Team Cherry/Pedigo 16.53
  3. Team Howell/Malone 16.03
  4. Team Kriet/Heaney 15.75

After a full day on the water, the whole crew went over to weigh in their catches, had a photo shoot and then headed to dinner to cap off a wonderful day on Oneida Lake.