Let it snow!

Like the title says, there has been quite a bit of snow here in central Texas. I never thought I'd use the phrases "snowed in" and "central Texas" in the same sentence. But I am because I was! I was supposed to be at Freedom Outdoors' Open House in Ohio, but it snowed so much that I couldn't make the 100-mile trip to Dallas to catch my plane.

This weather has been brutal! I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to being up there and shaking hands and showing off some Skeeters. But the weather doesn't look like it's quite done with us. There's supposed to be another snowstorm coming through tomorrow. We'll see what happens with that.

Beyond that, I've gotten final approval from Skeeter and XCalibur for my boat wrap. They're sharing my FX's real estate this year. The wrap will be printed today and should be installed in a week or so. Also, for the first time, I've got a truck wrap sponsor!  Check out the photo. Once the snow gets wiped off of there, we're going to wrap my Sequoia!

Back around Christmas, I received a hand-written letter from a girl at Texas A&M whose boyfriend goes to Baylor University. She said that he's really into fishing and for Christmas, she wanted to give him something special. So, we arranged for Little Alton and I to take him to supper, which we did last night. His name is Reed Lambert. We met him, and he and Little Alton had tons in common, so I wouldn't' be surprised to see them fishing tournaments together at some point.  This is an example of the many blessings of this job. It's an opportunity to touch all sorts of people. That was really special.

Continuing with Little A's news, he has another Bass Champs tournament on Lake Falcon this weekend, so he's spooling up the heavy stuff right now. He's excited because yesterday I got a shipment of Ardent Reels for this season. Now, before he found this out, he was planning on going back to his dorm, but when he heard the news, he came home and promptly began begging for my retreads! He's almost got me talked out of a couple of my old ones. He's good at that sort of thing.

Regarding Falcon, it's going to take a bunch to win down there. That lake continues to kick out unbelievable numbers of big fish. It's better this year than it was last year. I keep up with it on the Falcon Lake Tackle website, but it may be tough since the weather has affected them, too. I think it got down to 22 degrees and sleeted in Zapata, and that's almost as far south as Miami!

One other thing: I would love to have all of my readers go on to Facebook and look up my fan page. It's Facebook.com/AltonJonesFishing. I'll be doing giveaways on that page this spring from my sponsors, including Ardent, Kistler, Yum, Booyah and XCalibur. All you have to do is "Like" the page and you're automatically entered to win! I'm doing this in an effort to keep my fans updated about me, so I'll be working hard with all of my social media, including my Twitter account. On another note, I did a live interview on BassZone.com. You can go here and listen to the replay.

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