LeHew: Pressure to perform


Elite Series angler Shane LeHew at Lake Fork in Texas.

“I don’t like slug-fest-type tournaments,” Shane LeHew said. “It seems like when there are plenty of big fish, and they’re biting, luck becomes more of a factor. I prefer to take on a tough event, like Winyah Bay, and rely on knowledge and experience—let the other guys spin out. There’s a bit more pressure to perform in tough conditions, and I like that.”

LeHew is originally from Eastern Iowa and learned to catch bass from stingy Mississippi River backwaters, not an easy task in that part of the country. He spent his formidable years catching pressured bass from North Carolina’s Lake Norman, and similar fisheries like Hartwell and Murray.

“Those lakes get quite a bit of pressure, and being able to produce consistent results during the busiest time of the year helped prepare me to fish tournaments on high-pressure lakes across the country."

Pressure is a funny thing. It comes in the form of day-to-day obligations with home and family, sponsors, gear, weather, you name it; how a pro angler handles that pressure certainly impacts how they perform on the water.

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