Kelly Jordon videos two bucks locked up

Pro bass fisherman Kelly Jordon and Iraq War veteran Brent Homan were hunting on a ranch near Laredo, Texas on Dec. 19 when they came upon a rare sight, two big bucks with their antlers locked in battle. 

Jordon said it was Homan's first time ever to sit in a deer stand, and after shooting a doe during the morning hunt the pair went looking for a buck for Homan to harvest.

Jordon said the two men were sitting in a blind overlooking a sendero when two management bucks appeared. Neither presented Homan with a shot and the pair walked into the brush.

Moments later, one of the management bucks and another buck began fighting and crossing the sendero. "They crossed the sendero three times, and the last time they crossed it looked like they were locked," Jordon said. "Lots of deer began investigating, including about a 150-inch 10-pointer that was only 4 years old." Jordon said the two bucks eventually fought out of sight.

One of the other management bucks stepped back into the sendero, where Homan harvested the deer. After climbing out of the stand and taking pictures with the deer, Jordon said he heard the two bucks still fighting in the brush and decided to investigate. "We found the bucks and I text-messaged a friend to come help," he said. "We watched the two deer for probably 30 minutes before help arrived."

Jordon's friend grabbed one of the bucks and tried to get a rope around it to help pull the deer apart, but the two bucks freed themselves and ran off into the brush. Jordon said the bucks looked fine as they departed. "It was a great day," he said.