Humbled to drive the ‘Truck of Champions’

Hey everybody, I’m John Garrett from Bethel University in west Tennessee. This is my first blog, and I’m truly glad you’re taking time to read it. 

On the heels of an unbelievably humbling victory to become the 2017 Carhartt College representative at the upcoming GEICO Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe, I’ll have the opportunity to drive a Toyota Tundra featuring my university.

So you might wonder why a guy from Bethel University is wearing a University of Minnesota Golden Gophers hoodie in the picture above. The answer is one based on respect, and the fact that this Tundra is not brand new but instead, one that’s rich with 114,071 miles of winning heritage.

Yep, this is the same truck that was driven by three Carhartt College Bassmaster Champs that preceded me including Jordan Lee from Auburn University, Brett Preuett from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and yes, most recently Trevor Lo from the University of Minnesota. Now, it proudly sports purple and gold Bethel Wildcat colors.

Each one of those guys could fill the cab of this Tundra with cool and heartfelt stories of their year as a Carhartt College champion, and there’s no way I’ll be able to drive it without thinking of the three great guys that drove it to tournaments and Bassmaster Classics all around America before me.

Those guys have also been more than generous in giving me advice. I worked at a Strike King media event recently with Matt and Jordan Lee, and they told me to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed at the Bassmaster Classic – to just soak up every unbelievably memorable moment that the event has to offer.

Trevor Lo gave me great advice too – mostly about the realities of how much money it takes to compete in tournaments all over America – which I’ll be doing as a new participant in the Bassmaster Open events.

I also can’t help but be grateful to drive a truck with power windows and power locks. The old Dodge I own has crank handles to open the windows and no power locks. In fact, the last two trucks I’ve driven didn’t have power locks – at least not ones that worked – so this is a serious upgrade.

Not to mention how smooth it rode down Interstate 40 on my way back to Union City, Tenn., after picking it up at Dynamic Sponsorships in Tulsa.

I’ll promise you no matter where this Tundra takes me in the next 12 months, and no matter how many tournaments I tow my boat to with it – it’ll be a source of school pride, and a very humbling storage place for incredible memories along my journey – much like the three champions who drove it prior to me.