How to help your local reservoir

Alton Jones encourages anglers to support their local reservoirs.

Friends of Reservoirs, a conservation partner of B.A.S.S., has released a new video encouraging anglers to help protect the resource. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Alton Jones hosted the video.

“Reservoirs may look like natural lakes, but they were created by people and they must be cared for by people,” said Jones. “Fish habitat is the foundation for healthy aquatic life and water supplies. … What’s good for the fish is good for you.”

“We owe Alton Jones a debt of gratitude for doing this for us and supporting our mission,” said Dave Terre, outreach leader for Friends of Reservoirs, or FOR.

“America’s reservoirs need your help to stay healthy and continue to provide the fishing, recreation and water we all treasure,” added Jones. FOR provides lists of ways you can help in your neck of the woods on the organization’s website, Some simple ways you can help reservoirs include buying your fishing license and purchasing fishing equipment; a portion of the sale of each goes to protecting your fisheries. Also, find local projects you can help with or lead, or contact your legislators when you feel a reservoir needs extra protection.

FOR is a tax-deductible nonprofit foundation dedicated to protecting and/or restoring fisheries habitat in reservoir systems nationwide.

View the video FOR created below.