How Day 3 Crumbled

After two dominating days, it seemed that Christie and Faircloth might separate from the pack and battle it out between the two of them. Although, looking back at their weights, Faircloth improved on his Day 1 weight by 2 pounds, while Christie lost 4 pounds. What happened to these two anglers on the final day of competition?

With Grand Lake changing daily, the entire field struggled to find good fish, and Christie sustaining a 4-pound drop after Day 1, it was easy to assume that the lake conditions were to blame and he’d bounce back on the final day — it’s his home lake after all.

It’s also Evers' home water … and we know how that turned out. He jumped 4 pounds from Day 1 to Day 2, and jumped a massive 12 pounds from Day 2 to Day 3 — and that includes only four fish on Day 1. Evers clearly put something special together to build on each day’s weight. To win the Bassmaster Classic, it’s difficult to drop weight each day and remain in contention.

Sunday was different. The temperatures remained warm and stable overnight and during the day, but big wind and mostly cloudy skies changed the game for many of the Top 25. Wind gusts exceeded 40 mph and kept the lake rolling, which certainly made it more difficult to effectively fish each spot.  

“It was extremely satisfying just being in the hunt for this title. I’ve had a great week and have no complaints,” Faircloth said following his sixth-place finish. “It was a classic prespawn pattern, and I caught fish on a Strike King 1/4-ounce Bitsy Bug Jig and a Strike King Lucky Shad. But, during the final day the wind really played a role in how productive my fishing was.”

Faircloth said that if the wind didn’t blow on the final day of competition, his weights would have been as good, if not better than the first two days.

“I was catching a lot of fish behind the docks,” he explained. “The wind had the docks and cables bouncing making it almost impossible to skip a jig beneath the dock, or even cast a swimbait behind the dock against the shore. The wind made it hard on the fish and especially difficult to access them.”