Habitat added at Ontario's Ken Whillans

The Mississauga Bassmasters in Ontario provided an enhanced largemouth spawning habitat in offshore shallow flats of the Ken Whillans Resource Management Area in hopes of drawing spawning fish away from bank areas where they are potential targeted out of season. The group also wanted to create postspawn cover for juvenile bass and panfish.

Stone and brushpile structures were built using Christmas trees, cobble and small boulder stone, coir cloth, wood pallets and binding cable. Additional stone pile structures were also built. All of the structures were built during frozen conditions in March so the spring melt would cause the items to sink to the bed.

Eight volunteers contributed a total of 24 man-hours to the project.


This article is part of the Habitat Improvement segment of the larger report, 2011 Annual Achievements in B.A.S.S. Conservation.