Finding a starting point

This morning I posed the same question to half dozen or so anglers.

“What are your plans for today?”

Ironically, finding a starting point was the common theme of all those who answered the question. Also coincidentally, that usually means an angler is dialed into a pattern.

This isn’t your ordinary tournament and the same applies to the practice. The anglers practiced over the weekend, took Tuesday off, fish today and have another day off on Thursday. The disconnect factor is significant and especially with early prespawn bass beginning to migrate into shallow water.

Here are quotes from those anglers on what today means to them:

Jacob Wheeler: “For me it will be about trying to dial into what I thought was going on earlier during practice, a starting point. There are so many conditions changing right now on Lake Hartwell. The thing about it here and anywhere else is conditions are always changing in the spring. So we are always trying to dial into what the fish are doing on a given day. In a Classic like this you always want to fish for bass that are coming to you. That’s because the practices are so long and drawn out. We fished over the weekend, had a day off, fish today and have another day off tomorrow. So keeping ahead of what the fish are currently doing is the most important thing.”

Michael Iaconelli: “It’s a very important day because the lake is showing signs of going into prespawn. There is a warming trend coming, and the lake is higher than normal, so today is going to be a pivotal day. I’m going out there and fish it like a tournament day. I’m going to work hard, hustle, expand on my pattern and try and pick up a new lure or two or area or two to add to my list. Finding out where to start and go from there is a key.”

Josh Bertrand: “I’m trying to keep an open mind because things are going to change throughout the week with the weather, and that will influence fish movement and behavior. The main thing is avoiding getting locked into anything. You want to constantly be aware of the changing conditions, keep ahead of the mindset of the fish and find a starting point.”

Brent Erhler: “I’m going to try and accomplish a lot today. I want to build on my pattern and maybe find a starting area. Now that we are closer to the tournament, and won’t have anymore days off, I want to dial into something current.”

Edwin Evers: “I plan to finalize a few things, put the finishing touches on what I found over the last three days and maybe expand on it. I want to find a starting point. I’m really looking forward to it. We are fishing a different Lake Hartwell, with warmer and higher water.”

Jason Christie: “I plan to find a starting area. I’ve got something going and just want to build on it. So I’m going to fish a different section of the lake than where I’ve been. I’m committed to the area and just want to figure out where to start.”