Fantasy Fishing: Wheeler Lake results coming later this week ...

On Saturday, Luke Clausen of Otis Orchards, Wash., was disqualified from the Wheeler Lake event for violation of Bassmaster Elite Series Rule C3. Clausen appealed the decision and, under Rule C23, was allowed to compete on Sunday. In addition, Rule C23 provides that the “next angler below the cut will be invited to compete on the cut day with the clear understanding that any prize money and points he might earn will be contingent upon the outcome of the appeal.” The 13th-place angler, Cliff Crochet of Pierre Part, La., competed on Sunday. The appeal hearing will be held soon after the conclusion of the event Sunday.

Because Clausen's appeal is under committee review, the final Fantasy Fishing results will not be made official until the appeal has been rejected or accepted.

Final results are expected to be available later this week, therefore full Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing results, including Toledo Bend buckets are temporarily on hold.

We apologize for the delay.