Fantasy Fishing: VanDam dominates Fantasy at St. Lawrence

WADDINGTON, N.Y. — As the 2017 season is winding down, a very exciting finish saw Kalamazoon, Mich., resident and bass fishing superstar Kevin VanDam atop the podium once more after posting his 24th victory at the Huk Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence River presented by Go RVing.

VanDam went wire to wire to win during his 300th Bassmaster tournament appearance on a fishery where he began his professional career in 1987. His four-day total was 90 pounds, 3 ounces, which was 8 pounds over second place, Brock Mosley.

Since he led all four days, he earned 20 bonus points, (five per day) and he also caught the tournament’s Phoenix Boats Big Bass, a fat smallmouth that weighed 6-5. For that, he earned 40 additional bonus points pushing his total to 360 points.

VanDam was the best overall Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing choice at St. Lawrence.

Things are also heating up in the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race, and the Rookie of the Year race. No clear leader has emerged yet, on either front. Both races should factor into your Fantasy selections for the remaining two regular-season events.

St. Lawrence

“needleinhaystx” was the Fantasy Fishing champion at St. Lawrence posting a top score of 1,387 points.

“needleinhaystx’s” selections:

Bucket A: Kevin VanDam, 360 points

B: Brent Ehrler, 285

C: Bill Lowen, 245

D: Jonathon VanDam, 280

E: Takahiro Omori, 217

Total: 1,387

Following the St. Lawrence event, “SowsChoice” continues to dominate the 2017 Fantasy Fishing season with a total of 9,151 points.

“SowsChoice” team for St. Lawrence

Bucket A: Jacob Wheeler, 181 points

B: Brent Ehrler, 285

C: Alton Jones, 257

D: Jonathon VanDam, 280

E: Chris Zaldain, 95

Total: 1,098

St. Lawrence River’s perfect team:

Bucket A: Kevin VanDam, 360

B: Brent Ehrler, 285

C: Brandon Coulter, 264

D: Brock Mosley, 295

E: Takahiro Omori, 217

Total: 1,421


It’s really no surprise to see the most dominant angler of all time back on top in 2017. VanDam topped the field, he was the best overall pick at this event and he was the most owned in Bucket A. He earned 360 points for his 32.4-percent ownership. 300 points for the victory, five bonus points per day for leading (four days) and 40 bonus points for catching the tournament’s big bass.

The second-best selection in Bucket A was Brandon Palaniuk who earned his 23.1-percent ownership 330 pounds. His point breakdown earned him 280 points for finishing in third place and 40 bonus points for weighing the heaviest limit of the tournament, which pushed the scales to 25 pounds even on Day 2.

The worst pick in this bucket was a very surprising Bobby Lane. He posted only 69 points for his 0.7-percent ownership.


A noted smallmouth and finesse specialist Brent Ehrler was the best selection in Bucket B. He posted 285 points for his 14.2-percent ownership, which was good enough for a solid fourth-place finish.

The second-best selection was New York native Jamie Hartman. The true rookie finished in seventh place and earned his 13-percent ownership 272 points.

The worst selection in Bucket B was Keith Poche who earned his 0.1-percent ownership 67 points after finishing in 104th place.


Tennessee’s Brandon Coulter enjoyed a very strong tournament and finished in ninth place earning his 0.3-percent ownership 264 points.

The second-best selection in Bucket C was Alton Jones, the elder, who earned his 7.8-percent ownership 257 points for a solid 11th-place finish.

The worst selection in Bucket C was a very uncharacteristic Fred Roumbanis who finished in 100th place earning his 0.3-percent ownership only 75 points.


Mississippi pro Brock Mosley posted his best Elite Series finish ever, second place to Kevin VanDam by 8 pounds. Mosley earned his 0.2-percent ownership 295 points.

The second-best selection was Jonathon VanDam who dominated Bucket-D ownership with 31.1 percent. He earned his faithful 280 points for a solid fifth-place finish.

The worst pick in Bucket D was Shane Lineberger who earned his 0.2-percent ownership only 59 points.


Japanese angler Takahiro Omori earned his 8.7-percent ownership 217 points following a solid 29th-place finish.

The second-best selection was Brian Snowden who earned his 2.2-percent ownership 201 points for a 37th-place finish.

The worst selection in the final bucket was Chad Grigsby having earned his 4.4-percent ownership only 57 points.