Fan favorite moments for 2017

Marshals, fans and family members shared their favorite moments of the 2017 Elite Season with us on Facebook. We've pulled out some of their responses below, and you can read the full thread

Tell us the 2017 moment that stands out to you in the comments below.

Favorite victories:

Kelly Durham: Best moment was Jordan Lee's comeback

David Eastridge: Jordan Lee come from behind win

Peter Schmitz: Aaron Martens Hog Snatcher Win....

Aquatic RD: KVD on the St. Lawrence River

Arron Colby: When KVD showed total domination.

Darren Sobel: The greatest angler ever catching almost 100 pounds of smallies

Nick Coleman: Just something about Kennedy's honey hole he found to win! Awesome tournament!!! Awesome season!!!

Dawson Lenz: Dustin Connell we ain't quittin. Best moment.

Courtney Pairrett: Connell Dustin Connell catching THE fish on The Rez

Rusty Harper: Dustin Connells win & KVD slams the Door on 24

Charlie Jackson: Connell winning at the Rez and Kennedy winning at Dardenell

Bryan S. Neace: Cherokee. And Dustin Connells ride on the way back too weigh in

Bryce Buckner: When Dustin Connell won on the Rez, and when Steve Kennedy won.

Matt Trahan: Dustin Connells interview where he kept saying I ain't got enough. And then he won it lol

Mike Fillmer: Jason Christie's win at Lake St. Clair and almost doing it two weeks later at the AOY Championship!

Dillon Burton: Watching Jason Christie win!!

Jesse Blessinger: Jacob Wheeler dominating.

Jeremie Barker: Jacob Wheeler winning first elite event and proof that hes for real in any format or event

Clifford Wiedman: Keith Combs winning the last event

Interacting with the Elites:

Cameron Dewaele: Fishing next to pros on lake St Clair! What an honor. Thanks for coming to lake St Clair! 

Kenneth Graves: Having 3 Elites at my home while fishing Waddington NY. There are many, and all are the best since 2013.

Jim Buerkle: Marshall on Toledo Bend with ROY Dustin Connell

Bassmaster LIVE:

Tom Oswald: Davy Hites mayfly sandwich and the Tommy Sanders/Romo drama.... 

Dana Watkins: With BASS Live I can't pick only one

Angler of the Year:

Chris Tucker: BMP AOY speech 

Doug Topken: BP accepting the AOY trophy

Bert Dill: Anything with BP fishing I learn a lot by watching him.

Allen Rasmussen: Brandon Palaniuk winning AOY!!!!!

Chris Roerdink: Too many to pick from!! J. Lee’s comeback at the classic, KVD v JVD on st Lawrence with KVD winning, palanuik’s win at Texas fest, but I gotta go with palaniuk clinching AOY! Zona live was pretty awesome this year too!!