Evers' Gamble Bags a Bunch of Bonus Bucks

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Edwin Evers is a clean-living kind of guy that never visits casinos. However, Edwin admits he rolled the dice on Toyota's new Bonus Bucks tow-vehicle incentive program.

"I've got to be totally honest, I gambled when I signed up for Bonus Bucks because I didn't really need a tow vehicle at the time. But, I saw the kind of generous incentives that Toyota was offering, and I went out and bought a new Tundra. I was gambling that I could win enough Toyota Bonus Bucks to make my purchase pay-off," said the winner of 2007's Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Erie.

Edwin's gamble has paid-off; he's cashed-in $13,000 worth of Bonus Bucks in the past five months. But don't think you have to be a full-time pro to take advantage of this first-of-its-kind contingency program. The program is also available to BASS Federation Nation members, Weekend Series participants, as well as WBT and Bassmaster Open competitors.

Anglers at all levels who are towing with a 2007 or newer Toyota Tundra or Sequoia are eligible. Best of all, there is no registration fee and you don't have to win the tournament to win the Bonus Bucks.

"I sort of did the whole thing backwards," grinned Evers. "I made up my mind that Bonus Bucks was a great opportunity and then went out and bought the truck. Most guys would search for a great truck, and then sign up for the program," said Evers. "But it's all worked out awesome. On top of the Bonus Bucks I've cashed-in, I can look you in the eye and tell you this is the tightest, quietest, strongest-pulling tow vehicle I've ever owned, it will flat-out 'get-it' going down the highway," exclaimed Evers. To be eligible like Edwin, you can sign-up by visiting www.toyotafishing.com, or by calling 918-742-6424 to speak with a Bonus Bucks representative.