Elite Series Alabama Charge Day Two quotable

FLORENCE, Ala.-- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day Two weigh-in.

"They're gonna have to pay me to leave this place."

-- Terry Scroggins

"These little areas I was fishing had a lot of company today."

 -- Matt Herren

 "In two days I haven't caught them, so I would just as soon go home ... bye."

 -- Mark Davis

 "You don't ever forget how to catch them."

 -- Paul Elias

 "Sometimes you just take a whoopin."

 -- Cliff Crotchet

 "I've caught so many fish the last few days my hands are tore to pieces."

 -- Russ Lane

"I'm in a fight to get back to the Classic, and I'm always ready for a fight."

 -- Dave Wolak

"There's not a stick in this lake that somebody hasn't flipped two or three times."

 -- Cliff Pace

"I assure you I know some places that suck."

 -- Gerald Swindle

"He's not even in the same boat with me."

 -- Dean Rojas when asked by B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer who was the best frog fisherman, he or Ish Monroe.

"I got in a place today where there wasn't any boats. I thought they cancelled the tournament."

 -- Britt Myers