Dixie Duel Day Two Quotes

“This is probably the last time I’ll cross this stage.” – Lee Sisson after failing to make the final 50-cut of the year.
“This is the first time in two weeks we haven’t sweated our butts off out here.” – Kenyon Hill on the cooler temperatures provided by rain on Day Two.
“There’s never a day you can just mash in the clutch and coast.” – Gerald Swindle
“It’s gonna be close, but probably on the wrong side.” – Alton Jones on his chances of making the cut to fish Saturday. Jones finished in 66th place with 20 pounds, 7 ounces.
“I don’t want my season to end today or tomorrow. I want to fish on Sunday.” – Dean Rojas
“I’m looking forward to fishing tomorrow, I’m ready to go…so let’s just go.” – Tournament leader David Walker
“There’s a point out there when you realize you’re not going to make the Classic…and it hurts.” – Rick Clunn
“The first few years of my career I never had to worry about making the Classic, but I’m making up for it the last few years.” – Rick Clunn
“I did what I should have been doing yesterday.” – Tommy Biffle on moving up shallow to catch 17 pounds, 1 ounce today.
“My wife told me I better catch them today.” – Randy Howell
“Kinda had one of them days where I did everything backwards.” – Paul Elias
“I found a big school of fish and caught 50 in about two hours. I wish I would have found them yesterday.” – John Murray