Detroit: Quotes

The fishing’s fun but the riding ain’t.
--2000 Bassmaster Classic champion Woo Daves, who endured a bumpy boat ride back to Lake St. Clair Metropark.

I drove over this morning, took my one minute drive. No gas money, I like that.
--Joe Balog, who lives in Harrison Township, Mich., also home to the launch site for this week's tournament.


I think I’m cursed. Everything went wrong. My GPS shut off. My trolling motor shut down. I forgot my rain jacket.
--Brian Schram, who weighed in five bass for 13-14 and sits in 117th place.


Smallmouth are visual fish. When it’s sunny, they can see your baits better. You can see where you want to put your fish, too, so it helps you and it helps the fish.
--Fred Roumbanis


You literally can catch a 5-pound smallmouth in the shadow of the GM building.
--Virginia pro Teddy Carr


This is one of the best weights I’ve ever had in cloudy conditions.
--Art Ferguson, tied for 20th with 18-14.


We call that a canoe paddle.
--Tournament director Chris Bowes, referring to a 6-pound smallmouth weighed in by Jonathon VanDam.


I netted some big ones but didn’t catch any.
--Charlie Hartley, whose co-angler had three fish for 11-15. Hartley weighed five for 15-06.


I’m from Arizona. We got our whole rainy season in one day today.
--Cliff Pirch