Day Three Quotes

“I hit a rock on the way up to the Jordan Dam. Stopped to check the damage, threw into and eddy and caught two, 4-pounders.”

– Steve Kennedy

“These guys are catching a lot of big fish in a place they might not be able to get back to tomorrow.”

– John Murray

“I think the water dropping just totaled my spots.”

– Paul Elias

“Those fish are mean…I had to put up with that all day.”

– David Walker

“After that beat down I took last week, I want some redemption.”

– David Walker

“I’m not going to get back to those fish tomorrow.”

– Brent Chapman on the falling water levels in the Coosa River.

“I’m taking my Triton where only kayaks are supposed to go.”

– Brent Chapman

“I put my spinning rods away, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

– Aaron Martens on how he caught his fish on Day Three.

“They’re the coolest fish and the smartest fish.”

– Aaron Martens on fishing for spotted bass.