Day One quotes from Classic

ANDERSON, S.C. — Best quotes from Day One of the Bassmaster Classic.

"This is not the place to experiment."

— Brent Chapman, 20th place, 13 pounds, 6 ounces

"It's cold. It was hot."

— Takahiro Omori, 36th, 8-10, in response to the difference between this Classic and his winning Classic

"It'll be full of weekenders for everybody."

Alton Jones, Jr., 10th, 17-5, on lake traffic.

"I'm not looking forward to sticking my hand in that cold water."

— Todd Faircloth, 9th, 17-10, to his truck driver

"I fished 'em all day. It just didn't work out."

— Gerald Swindle, 34th, 9-12, on docks

"I actually thought the fishing was better with the sun out."
— Scott Rook, 2nd, 20-13

"I'm going to push what I'm doing to see what I do with the sun."
— Jeff Kriet, 23rd, 12-15