Day One quotable

DECATUR, Ala. -- There was a lot on the line on Day One of the Dixie Duel, and a lot of lines thrown out. Read the best from the Elites.

“This is my home country and it’s time to catch’em.”

– Russ Lane

“I want to win to qualify for the Classic, so I’ve been fishing deep, hoping to bust a big sack.”

– Tommy Biffle

“12 pounds ain’t what it was supposed to be … so these guys lied.”

– Ish Monroe

“These guys caught’em man¸ I thought I would be right up there.”

– Bradley Roy after weighing 14 pounds, 10 ounces

“I caught that 2-pounder early this morning, and knew that put me in the Classic … so I was pretty happy after that.”

– Mike Iaconelli

“VanDam doesn’t seem to stumble.”

– Steve Kennedy

“That’s the biggest stringer I’ve caught since I’ve been here, so I’ve got to keep looking.”

– Rick Clunn

"It’s all about momentum in this sport.”

– Denny Brauer

“After this tournament, my deep water fishing career is over.”

– Dustin Wilks

“I was boat No. 96 this morning and they can whine and cry all they want to…but I’m coming in there like Earnhardt in the morning.”

– Gerald Swindle