Daily Limit: Zona, Hack go live

Knowing some of their previous shenanigans, Mark Zona and Greg Hackney will probably produce at least one momentous moment of levity on Tuesday, and more likely a boatful.

They’ll be fishing together on the debut of “Zona Live,” a four-hour webcast on a lake not far from Hackney’s Gonzales, La., home. Bassmaster.com will air the action from 8 a.m. to noon CT.

It’s anyone’s guess if anything as memorable as the “Sexy Man Dance” will come out (that will make the show in some form or fashion). And you know something else off the wall is gonna happen. It is Zona, after all. But also expect fish catches and some education.

“Now, we may have scouted the lake, but what you see – whether we catch ‘em or not – will be happening in real-time,” Zona said.

He adds that he hasn’t been this excited about a project for some time, and of course his week kicked off with some travel worries. He had to leave his Michigan home early to get in front of a winter storm. While resting in Memphis, sleet hitting his windows woke him and sent him scurrying the rest of the way to southern Louisiana.

Hackney and Zona even found time to scout some Sunday. Monday, they will shoot footage for an episode of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, which will aid in scouting for Tuesday’s Zona Live webcast. Expect an unscripted four hours of fishing with three sponsor breaks of five minutes or so.  

Zona will open up the final 10 minutes of each hour for viewer questions, and to elicit top-shelf questions he’s got three “awesome prizes” to award to the best ones. Any topic can be broached in queries.

“I definitely want to have the ‘Viewer udda Day, udda Week,’” he said. “I want our viewers to feel comfortable asking anything to me or our guest ... no matter how off the wall it is.”

Sounds appropriate. Join the conversation and pose questions at #ZonaLive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This hashtag will be monitored to bring the best posts onto the show.

Zona will have a camera crew that regularly works Bassmaster LIVE as well as Mike “Da Sooch” Suchan (that’s me, how cool?) who will serve as a conduit to viewer questions and try to keep track of the fish catches.