Daily Limit: What does Ray know?


Mike Suchan

Ray Hanselman Jr. waits to launch for Wednesday's final practice.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- One has to wonder what exactly Ray Hanselman Jr. has seen. For the Guess the winning weight gallery, Hanselman went high, the highest weight by far.

Many of the competitors’ opinions of what it will take to win the Academy Sport + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk ranged throughout the 60-pound range, with four topping 70.

The top four weights at the 2014 Lake Guntersville Classic rank in the top five all-time, just behind the five-fish limit record of 69-11. Randy Howell’s winning weight that year was 67-8, and Paul Mueller was a pound back in second.

Chad Pipkens thinks the record will be eclipsed, what with his guess of 69-15. Caleb Sumrall said it would take 71-3 while Brock Mosley and Greg DiPalma listed 72 even. Hanselman was a lunker higher with 78-15, which would even top Rick Clunn’s all-time weight record of 75-9 in 1984 in the seven-fish era.

To top the five-fish record, an angler will have to average 23-4 each day to total 69-12. (That’s my choice for the winning weight; eh, who doesn’t like to see a record fall?)

But one wonders what Hanselman has seen, or knows. In the past, I’ve altered my Rapala Fantasy Fishing team after seeing some high guestimates, but this year I will not -- I already had Hanselman on my team. Now I just hope he really knows something.

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