Daily Limit: Robertson blooms after gloom

“If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” — Buck Owens and Roy Clark, Hee-Haw

Despite plenty of gloom, despair and agony during the 2020 Basspro.com Bassmaster Opens season, Matthew Robertson wasn’t about to give up, even though the thought crossed his mind.

Robertson suffered an onslaught of slings and arrows, but he kept on keeping on, turning around a season of misfortunes into a Classic berth and Elite invitation.

“If you keep on getting hit and hit, it doesn’t matter how far you’re down,” he said, “if you fight back, you can get back on top faster than you ever realize.”

Robertson, 34, announced his presence with authority in B.A.S.S. by qualifying for the 2019 Classic via Bassmaster Team competition. He made a splash in Knoxville, Tenn., at Classic Night with a flashy Siberian mountain goat coat, beaver pelt hat and shades. His signature “On ‘Em” caps were also a hit — only his 47th-place finish was unmemorable.

This year, with a goal of making the Elites, Robertson used money from his pressure washing company in Central City, Ky., to enter all eight Opens. Things began OK, with top-50 finishes in his first two events. The string of tragedies began at Sam Rayburn when all the gear in his truck was stolen.

“They got everything I own, except a small assortment of tackle in my boat,” he said, estimating his loss at $15,000. “They left me the spare tire.”