Daily Limit: Riding shotgun

Weird doings went down Saturday from Little Rock to Lead Hill during the Bassmaster Elite at Bull Shoals/Norfork.

At JM Associates’ studio in Central Arkansas, the computer that streams Bassmaster LIVE went kaput and the feed was down more than half an hour while IT workers rerouted it.

The cameras were still rolling, just not going out on Bassmaster.com. Some 150 miles north, Chris Zaldain kept the crew entertained. First the Californian pulled a banded water snake out of the buck brush where he’s landed most of his fish.

Later when the segment was run for viewers, Tommy Sanders jokingly called it an Ozark bull cobra, while Zaldain said its white eyes meant it was about to shed its skin.

 “I love messing with nature,” Zaldain said.

Messing with stupidity was next. Anybody watching would have cringed, and Mark Zona was simply beside himself as across the screen came images of Zaldain using a shotgun to change out his prop.

Zaldain slung an ear but didn’t have the wood block needed to torque on the prop bolt, so the camera boat driver offered up his Remington 870. A couple indentions on the wood stock and the job was done. See Thomas Allen’s story and photos.

Zona commented and repeated, “Do not try this at home.”

Here’s a photo of Zaldain in action below, but all Steve Bowman’s photos of Zaldain and his many catches, the snake and the shotgun can be found here.